“Praise the Lord,” he ended the sermon, I knew what was next, I was shivering from the cold that seeped through my skin pores as a result of the fear that was already fully built inside. I thought I could handle it. I couldn’t sleep all night, I knew this hour would come. Last week Friday was just like a dress rehearsal in front of the Directors and other people who helped build the momentum of movies, today, even this first day of the week, all shall be acted out in front of everyone. I shall be the only emotional being. Not anyone else, except anyone who cares to feel.

“I read from first book of Paul to the Corinthians, Chapter 6 from verse one through 20,” the young man sitting next to me put the verse down in his note as though it was the continuation of the sermon, he was wrong. That was the prelude to my own sermon. My palms were wet, I tried controlling myself from wiping my already teary eyes with my handkerchief.
In few minutes, the opinions of several people in this gathering would change towards me and it would take another 20 years, more or never before they could change.
“…You were bought at a price. Therefore honor God with your bodies.” He closed the bible and wiped his face. It was going to be difficult for him too. He is very strong and will fight the fright of that law and pronounce the judgment anyway.
“I am very sorry, this is very difficult for me I don’t like doing this, I never prayed to do it at any point in time in my ministry but it is something that has been a norm for long and I for one single person cannot change it.” the whole church was silent, waiting for the next line of action. The silence was deafening and choking at the same time, I silently wished for someone to cause a kind of distraction or maybe, maybe I should die at that spot and avoid the next scene! Why? Why must I go through this? I didn’t see this happening five years ago, not even last year until the devil placed the right person in my path…until now.
” May Sister Jolene Oladele step out?” he rubbed his face and actually , there was no need for the suffix Sister! I dragged myself and put on a very beautiful and bold face as I stepped outside. I stood in front of the congregation and made eye contact with the wall clock for the last time…before bending my face towards the floor. I looked down all through. I won’t need to look up anyway.
“Sister Jolene here is hereby excommunicated from the spiritual activities in this congregation from henceforth. Most of you mSlutight have heard and for some of you who haven’t, She was caught in the act of sexual immorality and it was a serious one, it is the law of this church to excommunicate such a member.” He directed me to stand directly facing the congregation, what a humiliation! The ground had refused to save me. Death had denied me a single hearty request. Life had handed me an embarrassing choice. Here is the music, I knew the tune and had to dance. My feet started giving way, I felt light and I woke up outside the church with very few people standing close, it was as if I had leprosy. The stigma had started, the hardest part of a very long journey.
The next two Sundays were difficult and I felt more than an outcast. I was forced to look down on myself and I, I took the only choice I c
ould find. I stopped serving the god who refused to stop the one who brought shame my way; who refused to make my judgment more subtle. I walked out on religion and ended up at this nite club and shared the pathetic story that charted my way to this place with anyone who looked well enough to ask.