“You’ve seen me in my worst and my best and you’ve appreciated me just the way I am; I love you for not putting up with my bad habits,Done

for helping me grow out of them..you are the one I love, I can’t settle for anyone less.”
Akpan looked on, he was staring in her dilated pupils, which showed how excited she was. He was just staring, he heard everything she said but he was lost in his own thoughts. He understood her, even beyond her expressions. They’ve been together for two years now. She made him visit hell and heaven, the deepest and darkest places, just to get her real self restored. He had loved her that much. He loved her. All she just said were bits of the summary of a whole project he committed his whole life into. She once turned him away. She once hated him and his bluntness, until recently, when she started loving him back…when it was too late.

Chindinma came along – the combination of beauty, brain, and character. He did not have any work to do at all, she loved him too. Last night, just last night, under the mangrove tree, they sealed that love with a butterfly kiss. His belly was filled with magical creatures that sent sweet sensations all over his entire body. He wanted more…that was the love he craved.
It was beyond the kiss, it was the love and how it made him feel. His heart was detached from Anita already, and now, she was professing her love, when he only came to wave her bye.

His job was done. Restoration of ANITA