Doctor Charles was not feeling like a professional. He allowed his emotion to take a little bit of his time. “I’m sorry, but I didn’t mean for that, I’m only trying to help you here…everything has a history and that’s why I’m here, in case you want to share,” he paused to get a response from her. She bit her lower lip and put on the look of a young child who just lost a dear one she might never sEe anymore.
“I…I used to think ‘that’was the best definition of my life,” she sniffed as she started. “I did everything in my closet, behind closed doors, I get this kind of unexplainable excitement after injecting myself, sniffing, smoking or masturbating,” she choked on a tear as she closed her eyes as though to block painful memories from her sight. “I used to blame my father…I mean, he’s to blame,” she added with a pronounced hatred as she set her teeth on edge. “He is a Pedophile and I was the object of his experiment for a very long time, even when I could stop it, I didn’t, I…I just accepted it as the undetachable part of life.” Her lips quivered as she spoke, her eyes clouded with tears of regret. She quickly wiped a drop off of her face. “I started hating him when I clocked 20, after aborting for him two consecutive times,” she expressed using her right index and middle fingers. “I had to take to addictions so that I won’t just end of killing him one day. And so here I am, I was coming back from our family’s get together when I had this accident.” She shifted a little and winced from the pain that accompanied it.

Dr Charles’ calm face suddenly looked curious or maybe vengeful as the hardness that spread across made the face go in deep furrows. He quickly changed his countenance at Sola’s notice in the sudden change. He looked at her with empathy and rubbed the back of her left palm, which he was holding in his. “I can only imagine, no one can feel your pains exactly the way you do, no one,” he looked from her palm to her face. The lady is beautiful still, he surmised.”I noticed you were making your statements in the past tense…any change in belief?” He smiled lightly. She smiled in return and looked away from his face, she is coy, Charles evaluated. “I don’t know but I think this accident is changing me, I’m not certain I need the change,” “when it comes to habits, you need it dear.” Lord! Did he just call me dear? Oooh, he must be feeling things too. Sola thought and gasped in her mind. “Your liver has a scar already, you’ll have to be on a particular drug and also engage in a therapy to bring it to correction.” “Cirrhosis?” She asked in disbelief. “Exactly,” the Doctor asserted. He looked in her eyes for a few seconds, having being satisfied that she got the last discussion in well.
“I want to put off my job’s hat now, I want to share something with you,” lobatan! She thought, anxious to know what the Doctor was about to say or do.

“I used to live abroad…in Scotland, I finished from Oxford with good grades and I was a hot cake in spite of my colour and background. I practiced medicine and surgery for 12 years after my graduation.” What? Sola screamed in her mind. She felt the Doctor was younger than she was but now it looked like she was wrong about that assumption. “I got married to my high-school sweetheart, Juliet,” he looked up from Sola to quickly hid a tear. “Juliet was a lovely woman, she was lively and hated trouble in every of its outfits. I was lucky to have heard her in my life, everyone could see it that we were great together. We had our curves and edges but her great wisdom always smoothered things out.” He was really heartbroken and Sola really felt for him. She was imagining that kind of woman, Juliet. Wait, was it a co-incidence that her middlename was Juliet? She begged him to continue with the look in her eyes.
“We had a lovely boy, Adams, he had the eyes and heart of his mother, I couldn’t ask for any other thing more perfect, we were great!”. A smile raised the corners of his lips. They must have given him the best of memories. “Then the time for my building came, the storm that I can never compare to any, others have faced worse but my personal experience remained the most valid to me. On a single day, I lost my wife and 9 year old son,” Sola let out a sharp gasp and covereCaged 5d her mouth afterwards. “That was the most choking and shocking news headline that was never written nor printed…I started questioning my faith and belief in God, I screamed loathing words at him in the corners of my room at night. I cursed everything around me. No one else mattered to me, not even my own life. I wished to die to join my better half or so I believed…I was that way for another 34 months, I am grateful for the brethren who didn’t bother themselves with my resolve to stop serving God. They stayed and share my bitter moments with me.”
“There comes a time, in every unbeliever’s life when they have to acknowledge the fact that God exists, it now depends on one thing – ego. Some overlook their egos and take the right decision, others are too afraid of losing their faces among friends and families, they don’t want to eat the humble pie but at the end the realization of the truth will be killing if it is not accepted as at when due.” Sola swallowed hard and stole a glance at the Doctor. He got her, no one could have gotten her this way. She never thought about it. Aside her feelings for the man whose face refused to speak his age aloud, there was a way he tapped into her mind, how he got connected with her that was indescribable for her. If there is a God, this man is definitely one.
“I made up my mind and came to Nigeria, I have met so many people benefited from them immensely and they from me. Something that might not have happened had I not left the UK…God makes things happen for a purpose. He might have allowed your Dad to exploit

you so you can become a strong woman who can impact other young people who might ever find themselves in that position. Help out those trapped in their addictions too, might just be one person but do you know how valuable a soul is?”
He pursed his lips and man! I’m in love! In love?
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