Two days had quickly slipped by without a single
sight of the kind Doctor’s face, even if it were just for
a second. I am so anxious right now, maybe I should
ask one of these Nurses, oh, just when I need her,
“Nurse, erm…I
Caged 4

think I need to see the Doctor, can
you get h
im for me?” She smiled, a knowing smile
though. ‘What
? Can she figure I don’t need the Doctor
as much as I even requested? Well, it’s not her
business. “His hands are full now, he will come see
you very soon, but if it is something I can pass across
to him, tell me,
I’ll gladly do that,” “no, only he
can…only he can do it,” “it’s alright then, I’ll tell him
just that.” She moved closer to change the bandage
on her head. S
he was told the windshield was
penetrated and the debris cut through the skin on
her head. She saw
the mammogram herself and
decided she was really a miracle. The wound on her
forehead was so wide and deep that the blood she
was told she lost in the fifteen minutes she was still
in the car was enough to have drained life out of her.
She grabbed her phone from her side desk and
turned it on for
the very first time since her accident.
She expected to see messages from her drug
dealers, from her boss at the office and from her
apartment. She definitely got all, her boss was dead
worried and
explained how she had combed every
part of the country looking for her, her parents too
were worried, s
he added. She would not have done
that if Sola was one of ‘those girls’ but she had never
done that before. You should see me face when I saw
the innumerable messages left by my mum. She had
been sick and she left her matrimonial home that
Sunday after her younger brother backed up her
story. She was so sorry that she would give
everything to have Sola’s life back for her. Too late
mummy! She tex
ted her boss as regards her current
condition and she replied her back within seconds to
be in the hospital shortly. She didn’t know what else
to do so she j
ust left the phone on and slept.
Doctor Charles just exited the adjoining small room
to his office,
sweating and singing when Nurse Adesunloye
entered. She knew it, he had just finished praying. He
had been doing that since the first day he became the
chief medicl direct
or of the hospital. “Good afternoon
Doctor, the patient…” “In ward 10 wants to see me,”
he arranged the scattered booklets on his table and
looked up at the Nurse, “I know, I will see her soon,”
“that was what I told her,” “good, thanks, hope there
is no problem?” “No Doctor, the results of those tests
and x-rays you told us to carry out are out.” She
presented a big brown file to the Doctor and waited
for next instruc
tions. “Oh, thank you Nurse, you are
all wonderful, uh, I’ll g
o through it now,” “alright
Doc,” she stood up and left.
“I heard, your boss came here the other day to check
on you,” Sola answered with a gentle nod. “You must
be a nice person, and hardworking too.” She smiled
feebly in returned. If only he knew how much I’d
wanted to see his face, for one good week, he
deprived me of that. The door was locked from
behind and she w
as sure the Doctor had come to
share with her what other ears must not here – they
would have heard it before. He sat in the rocking
chair by her left and helped her sit up a little before
that. He was facing
her and his eyes, his eyes were
beautiful, like an angel. This guy must be an angel.
Sola didn’t know what happened during the accident
but she felt she must have encountered an angel.
“We carried out some tests on you the day you were
brought in but I am sure you were already conscious
when the X-Rays were taken.” She nodded with a little
bit of coyness when her eyes met those of the
Doctors. “Good, I’ll ask you some questions now and
I’ll be glad if you will be honest with me,” gen-gen,
the popular nollywood sound effect for suspense
went off in Sola’s head. “Do you smoke?” Blood
drained off Sola’s f
ace, she had been so proud of her
habits, she would even gladly confirm them had her
parents questioned her, even the Pastors. But now,
she felt so ashamed, she detested herself right now.
wished the ground would open and swallow her up.
Rather than answer, she only burst into tears.