The compound was crowded, big cars and big people, more reason why everyone believes that my parents are blessed. I packed my Lexus beside our last born’s 4×4 Toyota. I entered the house with my heightened mischievous self and rubbed the make-up of pride in my head. The dinning table speaks festivity. Splendid! My mum looked my way with a smile that didn’t last for more than two seconds, she was disappointed, she thought a man would enter the room after me. None did.
Caged 2

We all ate in silence, and towards the end, the icy ice was broken. “Sola, you said you were going to come with your Fiance, what happened? Something came up?” “I said I was going to show you my husband, I never said I would bring him,” my mum waved her fork in the air, “it’s a social media world, you think it’s right to meet your husband on skype?” If she was trying to crack a joke, it worked, everyone at the table laughed. I wiped my mouth with the table napkin and walked to the handwash basin to wash my hands. After making use of the available handkerchief, I strode to the table and hugged my dad from the back. I could feel the shivers that ran down his spine, his heartbeats also increased, for all these years, he still hasn’t fallen out of love with his only daughter. “This is my husband,” I shocked everyone as they were startled by my declaration. “Daddy has been in love with me since I was four years old, he makes love to me anytime he wishes and we could have had 2 children by now but one Doctor Philips terminated their lives before they opened their eyes to see the light of this world.” “You must be out of your mind!” My mum blurted in defense of her husband. “Oh, I want him to deny all these things, and you are defending him? You were never here, and when I tried to tell you, you were not listening. You are responsible for what I am now, because, ever since Dad, I have been unable to love any other man…I hate them!” My mum’s eye travelled from my face and stopped on my dad’s. “She’s nuts, how could I have done all that? You know me better darling,” he answered the mental question and gave me a scowl. “Just what I thought! Sola, you are a disgrace! You are possessed and you need the power of Christ to renew you!” “Don’t even start, did I tell you this yesterday? Never will I tell you tomorrow, dad is a pedophile and he would have done all he did to me to other younger girls, young enough to be my children!” I shouted and stormed out of the room. “This girl does not know anything! I can disown Sola right now! This is a big disgrace to this family.” “Actually, she’s right,” the ever silent Silas, Sola’s younger brother answered, “I told you when we were younger but just like she said, you never listened, I saw Dad do some things to Sister Sola when she was 15, they didn’t know I did, but I told you anyway.”
Their mother rather than angry looked sorrowful and cast their father a killing look. “Can you deny that again?” “The children were right, you were never here.” He answered without a single glint of remorse.