Thank you for being a valued reader since when the story was first shared.

I want to appreciate you for being patient with me up to this time, it is a big deal writing, and a bigger deal reading. i appreciate and celebrate you. I want to use this medium to tell you that you are a wanted leader for this generation, especially in this great country, I love you wholeheartedly, God bless you.

I was still glued to my seat with my mouth agape when Sarah busted in without a knock; no one blames her for her rude behaviors, she was born with a rare kind of mental abnormality to very wealthy parents, not as wealthy as mine though. She bagged all her degrees at top American colleges and I retained her because I could use her fierceness. I love her Black American Accent; yes, she is very smart and always up to date. I prefer taking her with me on business trips that involve some kind of taking-downs and she serves her purpose well.
I looked straight into her eyes still shocked. She looks sullen this morning, are her knots getting back into their normal positions. “Helen! Been trying to reach ya via the intercom, where the hell ya put yours?” she walked closer to hit my intercom.”Hmm, it was here all da time and ya gat no time to pick it up? It burns pretty bad?”, “Sarah, get to it, I do not have time for your cussing this morning”, “ya housemaid been ringing my line since, she wants ya to come home, be like she’s in a kinda b-i-i-i-i-i-ig trouble and wants ya to fix her up”, “is that all?” “Ah ah, not all, I’ll want ya to get ya ass off that seat and jog home to fix that problem, now! I don’t want that noise from the phone…if it rings again, I’m gonna have it smashed”, “and your salary for this month would buy ten more, my dear”. She was not moved a bit by that, silly girl, she just shook her fat ass off my sight…”you do that and Sarah’s gonna torch this place”, she bellowed at the door.
That reminds me, why have either of my parents not returned my call? I folded the newsprint that heralded the death of Kayus in my handbag and tried calling my parents on my way home. They did not pick again, now I am worried. Could something bad have happened to them? Were their phones stolen in an armed robbery attack? I hate silence! I so much detest it!
As if I was blessed, traffic was merciful on my way down home and I barely used 20 minutes against the normal 45 minutes of waiting, hooting and sweating if your car is not up to date. When I drove in, I saw Baba Kabiru, the gateman and Ekpete crying outside. I swallowed my thought and put on a brave face, “why are you crying?” I demanded from both of them. Ekpete was the first to answer, “grandpa and grandma…they…they, you see…I was just busy in the bathroom, I was shitting and they…” “they what?!” I almost screamed out my head, and then she started crying again. I turned to face Baba Kabiru, “Baba Kabiru, ki lo sele?” I demanded the aging man, he had been working for my parents before I was even born and he had been so faithful all the while. He built his own house, was dashed my dad’s Benz and got to sponsor all his four children through school, I even heard his last born is currently in Leicester studying for her Masters., the job was made convenient for him, so tell me why he would quit. “Ah, oga mi, ogaa mi”, he started speaking in his funny Ijesha dialect. I hissed and took long strides into the house. I saw both of them in what they called their love’s settee; my dad’s hand hangs across my mum’s neck. Two lovers. I touched my heart and heaved a sigh of relief; I gave a second thought to shouting at them for not picking my calls and walked to their front to greet them. “What the hell! I let out a loud scream.
They had been shot in their hearts and a note written in their blood was left on the coffee table, “We are Coming for You” uneducated fools, their hand writing is so illegible that the words looked like Arabic letters.
Five minutes later, I was back on the road, running like one being pursued by a tall ghost. I was blind to every other thing and to where I was running, I know not. I could not think straight, I was just running, then, I heard loud shouts all around me and the next thing I saw was black!
I woke up at the hospital and I saw a pair of eyes peering down into mine. I quickly shut my eyes, “ouch! It hurts”, but those eyes look familiar. I tried opening my eyes slowly but my head hurts at the same time. “Welcome back, thank God you are alive”, “what happened?” I managed to ask. “You were not looking and I was not concentrating, so I lost control of the wheels and hit you”. That was when I remembered where I knew him from, it was at OAU Ile-Ife, it was Bayo, the drunken proposer. “How are you now?” I tried nodding my head but all my body just hurts. “it is very funny, I was on my way to your office to see you and this is how it happens?” “Why do you want to see me?” I asked feebly. “Why don’t you rest and get full recovery, then, we can talk about that”. “No, I want to know now” he heaved and pursed his lips, “I do not want to tell you now, get well first” “Tell me now!” I managed to raise my voice. “We need to get married to each other, okay?” “What, what did you just say?” “Yea, I know it sounds stupid and out of the blue but that is just how God wants it…look, I know you are in danger, I know you are not safe here, which is the reason why I’ll be moving you out of the country any moment from now. I do not know how but my driver of 3 years revealed everything to me and for the past two weeks, I’d been looking for how to reach you” I was too dazed beyond words, so, I just maintained my silence.
He answered a call and two women came in, I was injected and that was the end of my life…in Nigeria. I opened my eyes to the sunrays that greeted my sight from the windows of the hospital room where I was admitted at Virginia.
Bayo came to join me much later after my parents had been buried amidst a few faithful family members. He made sure Uncle Collins and Mr Segun got served. Uncle Collins killed Kayus after receiving threats from my parents and promised them genocide but failed in ending my life. Mr Segun was his accomplice and they had been secretly buying shares in our company under false names making them own the biggest part; they were just waiting for their plans to be accomplished so they could take over.
I started my own company, Dynamic Global in Washington and raised our two beautiful sons on our little farm in Virginia, I named the city, My Home of Salvage. Bayo started his law firm in Washington after completing a Doctoral degree in Harvard. final episode
I tweet, whatsapp and engage in facebook chats with my friends. I heard Adeola moved to Spain, I never told anyone her little secret. I so much wanted to be present at Gbemisola’s wedding to Felix…it was a beautiful one and I wish them everlasting blessings and happiness.
I made new friends I wish to meet one on one, Ogbeni La, that handsome Random ‘Muser’, I hope he does not stop writing those muses that amuse me and make my days. Olubunmi Mabel, she is such a wonderful writer and I call her The Relationship Saver, I do not want to miss her wedding ever, but going to Nigeria…it is well sha. Yea, another guy called Tosin Ayo the word bank, he is really a walking bank of words, he speaks on virtually everything, my sons and Husband know him already, I read his posts aloud to them, not all though…you know what I mean, #Winks. Awwwh, Olubukola Ozone, why would he answer the name “Ozone”? Waiting to find out, the guy inspires me a lot with his words, I wish I could just meet them all in one single place. Maybe I’ll have a sit-down chat with my husband and invite them all to Washington, take them round the city and finally pay a visit to the White House.
Above all, my family is such a happy one…my fairy tale turned reality. I wish very young person out there would learn from this, sometimes, what we need is different from what we desire vis-a-vis; our needs are not always wrapped in pleasant wrappers. We might have what we need so close to us and still desire to look far, no, that is not the way. No matter how old you are, never make haste in saying yes. You have the larger part of your life to live with the consequences from that single answer. The year will never run out of Saturdays, do not worry, you will find that right person, in the mean time, get prepared, and be the right person.
From Kofoworola Helen Adebayo nee Omoseebi