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My Dirty Confessions Episode 20 — August 20, 2015

My Dirty Confessions Episode 20

I drove off speedily and almost had a head-on collision more than twice. I was very angry and bruised to my heart; I just drove on in oblivion.
My phone was ringing and I just ignored it, It had been ringing ever since I jumped in the car. I did not want to leave him right there but I had to leave and where I needed to be I did not know. I just drove on, maybe; I would have driven out of the State, who knows? I tried making up my mind about where to go, home or Deola’s place? Whatever just happened at Xovar? Ms Fitcher not showing up would not have taken place without my parent’s knowledge. We were supposed to do everything “as a team”, what the heck happened to that plan?” I should have gone straight to them to confront them about it but I chose not to because of what they were dealing with at the time. I turned to the road that leads to Deola’s house and sped down the road, I managed to park the car in the little parking space outside the gate. I did not even care if the car would be safe or not. I ran through the unlocked gate and made for the sitting room, thanks to my stars she was there, on the couch, reading a fashion magazine. I ran into her arms and cried like a baby. “it’s okay dear, I saw it”, I knew it, those silly unlicensed freelancers would post without my consent, that is what they do best. It made me even cry the more. It was a dream come true but a dream that came way behind schedule.
Adeola and the others would definitely be happy for me, I did not tell any one of them what really happened between Kayus and I. it took Adeola several minutes before she could figure that my tears were not the tears of joy but of unspeakable sorrow. She tried to calm and console me. She gave me a glass of water and amid sniffing and sulking, I explained everything to her. She patted my back and stroked my hair telling me to calm down and get to the root of everything. She however scolded me for not telling her in time. I just sat there like a little girl who just lost her parents. I was shivering from the cold I was feeling from my inside, whew! Life could be terrible at times , for some people. She directed her chauffer to drive my car into the compound and get my handbag for me. It was then that I checked my phone, I have missed several calls from Ms Fitcher, Kayus and my dad. Ms Fitcher left me a message already, “operation terminated, suspect cleared by National Investigation Body already, case closed”. I tried calling my parents but neither of them was picking my calls, I gave up and assumed they were sleeping already.
Adeola tried making me eat a little something before bedtime, macaroni cheese, she is just a sweet friend, the sweetest friend I ever had, at least, that was my thought. She tried making me light hearted by playing a comedy movie of AyLove aka Akpos. Yea, I laughed and after the movie came my misery perched on my heart like bird pet. I did not sleep the whole time, even though I left the room totally dark for me to fall asleep quickly. Yet, my eyes were wide opened and though the room was thickly dark I was still able to see someone walked into the room, it was Adeola, I did not bother to switch on the light, she could have been worried about me and simply came to check on me, poor lovely girl. I quickly shut my eyes close and pretended a soft snore for her to be assured I was truly sleeping. She sat by my side and stroked my body with her fingers. I realized a later, it was not just an “I-care-about-you-as-my-friend-strokes”, by that time, she was on top of me already, kissing me and groping for my breasts, “what?!” “I love you Kofoworola…I fell in love with you ever since I set my eyes on you”, “you are…you are a lesbian?” I managed to ask as I was unable to push her off me, she was too strong for me. “No, I just wanna be with you”. Was I dreaming? It must have been a dream, a very strange nightmare. I shook my head and let out tears as I cried silently, is this how those helpless girls get raped, “I do not want to be with you Adeola, I am neither a Lesbian nor a Bisexual…can you let me go now?” “don’t you love me? Tell me you don’t wanna be with me too as much as I want you, I’ll die if you reject me or my love” woah! She was crying, “Lord, what’s all these” I whispered. “Deola, I love you but not like this, I love you more than this” she was not deterred; she only bowed the more and kissed me forcefully amid struggles. I garnered all remaining strength in me and shook her off me, I fled down the stairs, grabbed my bag and phones and rushed out of the house. That was the last I saw of her.
I drove down to my house almost breathless. I sat in my couch and hyperventilated continuously for a while. Adeola? Lesbian? How? What was that? So, I was now sure, I was not to be loved. Why is everyone I love turning out to be something else? Why? I did not sleep a wink until the early morning sun came up. I sluggishly padded to the bathroom in the sitting room and took my bath, which lasted for close to an hour. My ritual of the day before have not worked, Poseidon have not acted in my favour, he rejected me simply because I am black.
I dressed all black to the office and I was greeted by several bouquets, fresh and artificial, in congratulations to my wedding prosposal. “okay guys, thank you for the flowers but I am not getting married to that man; it is a taboo to get married to a widower in my family so as to avoid such from happening again” I added to clear their minds on what could cause my refusal of the proposal.
I settled in my seat in my office and my secretary brought in all the newspaper issue for the day, mine! The sight itself, frightened me. I was too tired to start flipping through the papers. The intercom to my office rang and I had to pick it, the cord brushed the pile of the newspaper and the one on the top fell off, it was then that I saw a very shocking bold headline, my heart could have frozen at that minute, “Adekayode Adekola, Nigeria’s Most Promising Writer and MovieMaker Found Dead in His Car”
I dropped the receiver and picked up the paper to read. It was then that I found out that he was attacked by armed robbers who took away his phones and laptop and…killed him, he must have been on his way to my house, it was on the adjoining road from the main road to my house that he was found dead. I covered my mouth in shock and started crying. Kayus! ZAEH_MONAE_SHOT4-41

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