this was pasted outside a bank building
this was pasted outside a bank building

The only evident issue in vogue is “Fuel Scarcity”. This is really affecting everything in every sector in this country. Imagine, I took my time to go through the Punch Newspaper issue for today and every page carried the “mess” age situation. Airtel Communication Company complained that they cannot be able to serve the populace well with their service because of FUEL SCARCITY. Banks were forced to do the “half-a-day” thing because of FUEL SCARCITY. Most businesses recorded very low sales because of GFUEL SCARCITY. Telecommunication companies closed their transmission early because of FUEL SCARCITY.

A very good number of staff was unable to make it to their various offices today because of FUEL SCARCITY. Some Students were unable to go to school today because of FUEL SCARCITY. I tell, some slept in hunger today because of FUEL SCARCITY.

I was lucky in the morning, I paid the same fare I used to pay before the FUEL SCARCITY, but in the evening, I was shocked. A bus where the passengers are always packed “tightly like Sardine fish in a can” a bus we used to take for 50 NGN is now 100 NGN, as I was told, I took a U-Turn; I knew it that I will get something better with my Hausa friends who are commercial “Okada Riders” and I did! My siblings were asking me, “What did you do?”

Nigeria, where we have good deposit of crude oil; #lol, yet, we were being served Cruel Oil. Problem is not because the government decided to do that, it is because the citizens are not doing something!

Lol, my dad sang, “parents listen to your children, we are the LEADERS of tomorrow…..” maybe by tomorrow he’ll attain that position. However, I sang the same song over 10 years ago too, yet! I am still here. The ones who were there then are still there and will still keep coming back until we had done something. Until we learn to say NO Positively. Situations will remain the same.