It happened last week. We all settled to write an exam in a 1000seaters hall. I believe all the students in the department all sat in the hall on that day.
This is one course which was supposed to be the most difficult among all other courses not because it is but because the lecturer decided to make it so. Imagine, he said, no one can have a B in his course and in the last test, the highest score was 26/40 ‘for public display’ do not ask me what I scored.

So, question papers were given to the finalists, a course taken by the same lecturer. I was so amused that I laughed out loud. They were blank, even the ‘almighty woman’ of the department was sweating and swearing under her breath. My course mates were cussing already, “ah! Man yi ti se awon part 4 pa”, we are so done for”.

I believed in what I believe. We were given ours and I saw relieved faces. Yet, whoever will fail will fail. The man is not difficult, he was just trying to push us to our limits for us to get the best we can. Because, dear friends, ‪#‎lol‬, gush I’m still laughing and tears are coming out from my eyes. There were just few questions, he gave back to us what he once gave us. He played with ‘their’ brains and toyed with ‘their’ hearts. All the questions from the previous tests were typed again as examination questions! Now, only the ones who went back to correct their mistakes in the past tests would ace the exam…those who did not…well, there is God!

Moral: Do not take a step forward until you have checked and confirmed what made you fall. Remove it after identification. Because on your way forward, you might meet a similar stumbling block. It is a fact that whatever we do not finish will always confront us later. Fight now, so you can save your strength for your victory.