I was really thinking this morning. I was confused, “why would things not just turn out the way we want them to?” I got my answer much later, from a tape by Joseph Prince.

The greatest problem that any man can ever face in this world is the problem with the tongue! We talk too much and we do not pay attention. Most people think the Devil is powerful and all knowing, that is wrong! He doesn’t know anything, he is only cunning! He doesn’t know originally if you were going to succeed or not. He works with information! Oh I wish I could share more on this, it will only lead to another long post. He doesn’t know you are afraid until you have said you are afraid. He doesn’t know you are going to be successful until you have said it. I believe this; if I do not talk but just act, things go on fine, but once I talk about it, it is never going to turn out as expected.
‪#‎scoff‬, he did not do anything to the house of Judah until he had gotten the information about the seed that would be born and crush his head – Gen 3. He waited for 3 generations to pass and hit on Judah because of Jacob’s prophecy, he killed everybody except a baby Joesh! He did not stop, he also tried to kill Jesus! If he had succeeded, I wonder what could have happened. All these because of that one seed who is supposed to crush his head since the book of Genesis and he is still around because you have the power to crush him but you won’t have the power or time if he get you busied struggling to make ends meet!
There is a prophecy about you! He heard it because someone said it out! And he’s after you making your life miserable because he doesn’t want you to fulfill your destiny! But tell you what, he is afraid of you. Help yourself out by taking care of your most active articulator – your tongue! It is difficult but try it and you will get the reward!
Arrrrrhhhhggggg, hope you got this? Don’t know any better way to describe this, maybe later!
Do less of talking and more of acting