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Now, have you ever gone shopping to get just one thing? Hmm, let me say shoes! Yea! Shoes. and you had to pick and pick and pick, because, maybe you do not like the colour, make, or even the designer…each looks attractive the  moment you picked them but you drop them for the others and finally the last because you think they look better than the others.

Now, here is the gist, you got home and found out the shoes did not fit or they look uglier than the others! What an irony!

Yea! It happens most times when you do not know what you really want. And, it is same especially when it comes to relationships, wait! How many people have you dated now? 4, 5, uh-oh, #countingmyfingers 10? Seriously? you have to wake up and stop picking if that is the problem, if you do not want to end up living with a bed mate instead of a heart mate.

What really suits us is not always attractive enough to us. Think twice thrice.

just be careful! And please share with all.