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My Ordeal; Our Ordeal — May 25, 2015
My Ordeal; Our Ordeal —

My Ordeal; Our Ordeal

this was pasted outside a bank building
this was pasted outside a bank building

The only evident issue in vogue is “Fuel Scarcity”. This is really affecting everything in every sector in this country. Imagine, I took my time to go through the Punch Newspaper issue for today and every page carried the “mess” age situation. Airtel Communication Company complained that they cannot be able to serve the populace well with their service because of FUEL SCARCITY. Banks were forced to do the “half-a-day” thing because of FUEL SCARCITY. Most businesses recorded very low sales because of GFUEL SCARCITY. Telecommunication companies closed their transmission early because of FUEL SCARCITY.

A very good number of staff was unable to make it to their various offices today because of FUEL SCARCITY. Some Students were unable to go to school today because of FUEL SCARCITY. I tell, some slept in hunger today because of FUEL SCARCITY.

I was lucky in the morning, I paid the same fare I used to pay before the FUEL SCARCITY, but in the evening, I was shocked. A bus where the passengers are always packed “tightly like Sardine fish in a can” a bus we used to take for 50 NGN is now 100 NGN, as I was told, I took a U-Turn; I knew it that I will get something better with my Hausa friends who are commercial “Okada Riders” and I did! My siblings were asking me, “What did you do?”

Nigeria, where we have good deposit of crude oil; #lol, yet, we were being served Cruel Oil. Problem is not because the government decided to do that, it is because the citizens are not doing something!

Lol, my dad sang, “parents listen to your children, we are the LEADERS of tomorrow…..” maybe by tomorrow he’ll attain that position. However, I sang the same song over 10 years ago too, yet! I am still here. The ones who were there then are still there and will still keep coming back until we had done something. Until we learn to say NO Positively. Situations will remain the same.

Silence is forever Golden — May 24, 2015

Silence is forever Golden

I was really thinking this morning. I was confused, “why would things not just turn out the way we want them to?” I got my answer much later, from a tape by Joseph Prince.

The greatest problem that any man can ever face in this world is the problem with the tongue! We talk too much and we do not pay attention. Most people think the Devil is powerful and all knowing, that is wrong! He doesn’t know anything, he is only cunning! He doesn’t know originally if you were going to succeed or not. He works with information! Oh I wish I could share more on this, it will only lead to another long post. He doesn’t know you are afraid until you have said you are afraid. He doesn’t know you are going to be successful until you have said it. I believe this; if I do not talk but just act, things go on fine, but once I talk about it, it is never going to turn out as expected.
‪#‎scoff‬, he did not do anything to the house of Judah until he had gotten the information about the seed that would be born and crush his head – Gen 3. He waited for 3 generations to pass and hit on Judah because of Jacob’s prophecy, he killed everybody except a baby Joesh! He did not stop, he also tried to kill Jesus! If he had succeeded, I wonder what could have happened. All these because of that one seed who is supposed to crush his head since the book of Genesis and he is still around because you have the power to crush him but you won’t have the power or time if he get you busied struggling to make ends meet!
There is a prophecy about you! He heard it because someone said it out! And he’s after you making your life miserable because he doesn’t want you to fulfill your destiny! But tell you what, he is afraid of you. Help yourself out by taking care of your most active articulator – your tongue! It is difficult but try it and you will get the reward!
Arrrrrhhhhggggg, hope you got this? Don’t know any better way to describe this, maybe later!
Do less of talking and more of acting

Perfect Life Impossible —

Perfect Life Impossible

Tell you the truth? No one has a perfect life. The imperfections in your life is the road map to what you should be passionate about in the next person’s life. Because you are human, you cannot bear to watch another person go through the augurs you went through yourself. Help in the kindest way you can. It speaks louder than your cry for change. Oh! Just one act of kindness is louder than the noise from a train. It goes on and on.

You and Your Mistakes —

You and Your Mistakes

It happened last week. We all settled to write an exam in a 1000seaters hall. I believe all the students in the department all sat in the hall on that day.
This is one course which was supposed to be the most difficult among all other courses not because it is but because the lecturer decided to make it so. Imagine, he said, no one can have a B in his course and in the last test, the highest score was 26/40 ‘for public display’ do not ask me what I scored.

So, question papers were given to the finalists, a course taken by the same lecturer. I was so amused that I laughed out loud. They were blank, even the ‘almighty woman’ of the department was sweating and swearing under her breath. My course mates were cussing already, “ah! Man yi ti se awon part 4 pa”, we are so done for”.

I believed in what I believe. We were given ours and I saw relieved faces. Yet, whoever will fail will fail. The man is not difficult, he was just trying to push us to our limits for us to get the best we can. Because, dear friends, ‪#‎lol‬, gush I’m still laughing and tears are coming out from my eyes. There were just few questions, he gave back to us what he once gave us. He played with ‘their’ brains and toyed with ‘their’ hearts. All the questions from the previous tests were typed again as examination questions! Now, only the ones who went back to correct their mistakes in the past tests would ace the exam…those who did not…well, there is God!

Moral: Do not take a step forward until you have checked and confirmed what made you fall. Remove it after identification. Because on your way forward, you might meet a similar stumbling block. It is a fact that whatever we do not finish will always confront us later. Fight now, so you can save your strength for your victory.

Stand Up! —

Stand Up!

Okay you think you are in pain now? You are poor? You don’t have access to somethings? And you think the only choice you’ve gotten is just to accept your ‘fate’ which is and remain right there? Oh you are wrong! Stand up now and challenge yourself! That pain is there to push you from where you are to where you are supposed to be! Stop running from your pain! Just embrace it! You have to harness your will to save you because believe me if you lack ‘will’ you are going to CHOKE!

I Married the Wrong Person! —

I Married the Wrong Person!

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Now, have you ever gone shopping to get just one thing? Hmm, let me say shoes! Yea! Shoes. and you had to pick and pick and pick, because, maybe you do not like the colour, make, or even the designer…each looks attractive the  moment you picked them but you drop them for the others and finally the last because you think they look better than the others.

Now, here is the gist, you got home and found out the shoes did not fit or they look uglier than the others! What an irony!

Yea! It happens most times when you do not know what you really want. And, it is same especially when it comes to relationships, wait! How many people have you dated now? 4, 5, uh-oh, #countingmyfingers 10? Seriously? you have to wake up and stop picking if that is the problem, if you do not want to end up living with a bed mate instead of a heart mate.

What really suits us is not always attractive enough to us. Think twice thrice.

just be careful! And please share with all.

Hello world! — May 23, 2015